Welcome to Collingswood Dental

Collingswood Dental has provided treatment for more than 20,000 patients in South Jersey since 1947.  Dr. Roger Sheinkin and Dr. Lowell Sheinkin carry on the tradition of providing excellent dental care to patients young, old and in between. Started by Dr. Martin Kravitt 65 years ago, we have become an icon in the community for dental care.

Our staff is dedicated to making sure our patients’ experience always meets or exceeds expectations. We always make room in our schedules to accommodate emergencies and pride ourselves on being on-time for all appointments. Collingswood Dental uses its knowledge, skills and experience to provide the highest quality dental care, and to perform our services in an extraordinarily gentle and pain-free manner. We do family dentistry, which is dental treatment for everyone, regardless of age. Whatever your dental needs may be, we are here to make your dental visits the most pleasant you have ever experienced.

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